What We Do

We are Producers and Post Producers.

Our technical knowledge, equipment and hands-on experience alloy, enabling us to offer support and custom solutions to our clients. Mostly independent filmmakers, sometimes distributors, editors and studios. Work-flow planning, post supervision, artful color grading, text and title design, film, video and audio restoration, mastering and final deliverables.

For a complete list of our services, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

FREELANCERS: We can help you put together a post production budget, estimate to complete and schedule. We can help you identify and engage key freelance talent such as editors, sound designers, composers, animators and graphic artists.

DELIVERIES: As experienced filmmakers with a history of delivering flawless final masters to streamers (Netflix and Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu) broadcast and cable networks (BBC, PBS, HBO), motion picture studios (Warner Bros., Paramount, Sony, Universal), and preparing screening masters for film festivals large and small (Cannes, Sundance, SFIFF, MVFF, SXSW, TriBeca) we can help you get there! We will help you study the bewilderingly complex (and sometimes contradictory) physical delivery specifications and determine what needs to be done, in what order. Often, boiler-plate contracts require production of assets that make no sense. We help our clients navigate the obstacles and we can help you negotiate with your distributor or broadcaster if necessary.

  •   On Line Editing and Conforming
  •   Color Grading with our brilliant colorists Leo and Ashley
  •   Multi-Format and Frame Rate Conversion
  •   Restoration (Film and Video)
  •   Animation and Motion Graphics with Ri Crawford
  •   Compositing and After Effects Footage Repair
  •   Main Title and Text Design with Ashley and Elisa
  •   Final Deliveries
  •       DCP (Digital Cinema Package) and IMF
  •       QuickTime, OP1a.mxf
  •       Prep for Web Distribution (YouTube, Vimeo)
  •       DVD and Blu-ray (Screeners and Replication Masters)

Audio Restoration

A standard component in the release of a film on DVD is the sound enhancement and restoration process. We make the most of new technologies when we retransfer the audio elements that were originally recorded using the best technology available at the time. When possible (and budget allows) we acquire original 35mm magnetic masters of the original final mix “stems” (separated dialogue music and effects) which we bring into a digital environment at a high bit rate and do whatever cleanup work or enhancement is indicated by the state of the original.

Facility Services

ZAP offers the following audio and video post services.

  • SCREENING ROOM: See the “Screening Room” tab on our Home Page
  • Video transfer or digitizing – all formats from Betamax I through Beta SP, 3/4″ Umatic, VHS, DVCAM, D2, Digital Betacam. Full PAL & NTSC capabilities
  • HD online finishing
  • Creative offline editorial
  • Blu-ray Disc encoding and authoring
  • Editing suites for rent by the day/week in San Francisco’s Presidio.